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Kulovalkea is the Finnish wildfire, that eats its way through the landscape. The uncontrollable and meaningless force that leaves nothing behind but a blank canvas. Kulovalkea is a tribute to the loss of meaning and a circus shaped argument for the value of the unnecessary. Through the dreamy landscape, playful details and rhythmic movement, an unbroken chain of fragmented scenes help create a universe both absurd and reviving, playful and entertaining.

Acrobatics, object manipulation and contemporary dance morph together and create an evocative space, where not all is as it seems and everything can be turned upside down. In a world that idolizes the measurable as the meaningful, Kulovalkea defies all logic, feeds curiosity and challenges the rational mind.

The origins of Sirkum Polaris go back to 10 Finns meeting in a local youth circus in Finland. A solid decade later all of them have studied and toured all around the world as circus professionals. Now they get back together and embark on a new adventure with the artistic team of Nuua and together bring you their first co-created multidisciplinary circus performance Kulovalkea.



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